VECTOR III®  provides some of the most revolutionary additions to fixed appliance applications in recent history. With the use of  VECTOR III® products most cases can be managed with little or no side effects due to the management of moving teeth to the desired position. We put the science into making our appliances for straight teeth so they work on malposed teeth until they are straight. They are made to move the teeth that need to move, not the teeth that don't need to move. The literature states that approximately50% of  the time treating orthodontic cases involves treatment of the malocclusion and 50% of the time involves treating the side effects of the treatment. VECTOR III® support products significantly reduce or negate these side effects. The average of 24 - 30 months of treatment time are reduced to 12 - 14 months and retention stability is enhanced.

VECTOR III® uses Bio\Analytic™ Mechanics + VECTORLOY™ Wire = Revolutionary Results as one of it's common statements throughout it's material because of it's dynamic new science of Bio\Analytic™ Mechanics.

VECTOR III® is being acclaimed by educators and clinicians as being the greatest advancement in the standard of orthodontic care in 30 plus years.

VECTOR III® offers many products for both fixed appliance treatment and removable appliance treatment. We strive to not only help the doctor treat the patient more efficiently, but also in less time, with less discomfort and with fewer side effects. This is an example of what our removable appliances can achieve.


This patient was treated with VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Springs in just 3 months and 6 Days!    

             Most patients say that's "AMAZING" what do you think?

VECTOR III® also carries some of the most revolutionary and unique additions to your usual fixed orthodontic treatment to enhance treatment, have fewer side effects and make the job more efficient than ever before. VECTOR III® can not only move teeth, but the roots and the crowns as a unit, so that the bone comes along with the root and makes the treatment less time consuming and with less discomfort for the patient. VECTOR III® products have U. S. Patents and are made with the doctor, staff and patient in mind. Here is an example of a severely malposed case with a great deal of progress in just 6 months 15 days with the VECTOR III® Interactive Spring System and the VECTOR III® Classics Wires™.


         Another example of "AMAZING" treatment progress in just 6 months 15 days.

As part of the VECTOR III® viewpoint one of the major concerns is patient awareness and informed consent.

         A patient must be informed of his or her diagnosis,             
                  alternative methods of treatment,                  
  and the risks and benefits of each treatment, 
                                                             including the probability of sucess or failure.

Take a look at some more of our "AMAZING" treatment with VECTOR III® products on the following pages. A single seminar and a few of our products can get you started on an adventure in some tooth movement as you have never seen it before.

We welcome all patients, doctors and staff to the information on this website for personal use. Please note that this material is revolutionary over any orthodontic graduate program both past and present. It would be prudent for your awareness and judgment to determine patients orthodontic treatment indications and options. Patients may copy this information to show their doctors or refer them to the website. Doctors and staff may copy this information to show patients to be able to treat to the highest standard of orthodontic care and treatment.

It is useful to remember with our fixed appliances it is prudent to use .018 slot brackets. We do not use heavy forces and do not need .022 brackets for any of our products. Light continuous forces are the best way to move teeth, we never try to force them. Root resorption can occur when using the heavy go-stop type forces that were used in the old days.

Remember only a doctor can order these appliances and use them to treat a patient. Any doctor who wants to order our custom springs or our removable appliances will need to take one of our seminars to be able to use our appliances efficiently. So sign up now we will be happy to see you.

See a copy of our patient fliers to take to your doctor or to give to your patients just click on this mouse for Duo-Tee flier .pdf 8 VECTOR III® .pdf 8 Order Form for doctors office.pdf 8

Ortho fees .pdf 8    Recommended educational and clinical mamagement materials for VECTOR III® treatment 8

Our official VECTOR III® licensed and certified fabrication lab for the VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® and Duo-Tee® II removable appliances made with Vectorloy wire lab slip download here! Lab Slip Precise Orthodontics

   To keep you aware and focused on the changes in bone in orthodontic treatment we would like you to see the following:

Qualitative and Quantitative Orthodontic Vector Forces

by V. C. "Bud" White , DDS, MS  

Qualitative and Quantitative Orthodontic Vector Forces PDF

Free 2 CE Credits for your Awareness and Judgement See PDF                                              

Traditionally textbooks have described human dental bone as being a special purpose bone. It responds to pressure by resorption (osteoclasts) and responds to tension by apposition (osteoblasts). Please take a moment to view this presentation which shows examples of how bone responds to Vector forces in 3 planes of space and the responses of  Bio\analytic mechanics on bone.   Presentation pdf.

Bio\Analytic Mechanics +

                                  Vectorloy Wire +

                                                           Revolutionary Results


Dr. V. C. "Bud White Bio .pdf

Donna White Bio .pdf

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                               The color of VECTORLOY™ Wire, post heat-treatment, ranges from a light straw color to a darker gold/bronze

                     color in appearance. This color range does not extend to a gun metal blue or darker color as is usual and customary with

                     some Australian orthodontic wires.


                                 The engineering characteristics are however the important evaluation of products made with

                     VECTORLOY™ Wire. A flex and return of 100% without permanent deformation and at the same time not being

                     brittle, are the criteria for VECTORLOY™, these standards place VECTORLOY™ in its’ favorable position in

                     relation to all other metals currently in orthodontics.


                     The color, like the color of gold, is a positive feature. It is possible to anodic polish the heat-treated parts to

                     a plain steel color. This has not been done by overwhelming acceptance and understanding of this new and exciting

                     VECTORLOY™ Wire and its’ contribution to the clinical practice of orthodontics.


                     VECTORLOY™ with its’ characteristic color identify the genuine wire from any other wires.





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