VECTOR III®Interactive Orthodontic Spring System™ is a differential, Bio\Analytic™ Mechanical, force system capable of moving teeth in 3 planes in space. This system with it’s Bio\Analytic™ Mechanics accomplishes five universal orthodontic objectives better than any other bio-mechanical device, IE;

1. Moves teeth faster.

2. Moves teeth with less discomfort.

3. Moves teeth with less potential root damage.

4. Controls the ROOTS & CROWNS while moving teeth differentially in 3 planes in space simultaneously, providing enhanced retention stability.

5. Defers the decision, and significantly reduces the need, for permanent tooth extraction, in the most common indication, severely malposed teeth. The decision to extract teeth or not can be deferred 5-12 weeeks with the VECTOR III®Interactive Orthodontic Spring System™ as a custom option. Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment VECTOR III® controls the ROOTS & CROWNS. The concern of "round tripping" the teeth (moving them forward then back again) with the net result of the roots being forward farther that before treatment is no longer a concern with VECTOR III®. By deferring the decision to extract permanent teeth for 5-12 weeks, the evaluation of the facial profile, tooth alignment and arch form can be made by the patient, parents and doctor without a chance of error or compromise.


We do not use the slot in the bracket to move the teeth with the VECTOR III®Interactive Orthodontic Spring System™ that is why we are able to move the root and the crown. Whenever using VECTOR III® products always use .018 slot brackets.


These are the begining photos of a severely malposed case in which VECTOR III®Interactive Orthodontic Spring System™ was used. You may notice that in using this system the malposed teeth are not tied to the archwire. The teeth that are lingual are bracketed and are Slingtied using VECTOR III® H+3-6-9 Slingties™ from the tooth to the wire. The patient and the parents did not want to change the facial profile in any way.

                   At 1 MONTH & 26 DAYS the patient progress is starting to look very good.


The VECTOR III® SPRING SYSTEM is working. The initial nitinol wire is acting as a conduit of force from tooth to tooth and a matrix for arch shape. The springs are only used for 5-12 weeks and are then taken off. We suggest using VECTOR III® Classics Wires™ after the 5-12 week period as this will also save time and reduce side effects.

                     BEGINNING PHOTO                                 Progress at 3 MONTHS 29 DAYS!!!


To see our downloadable flyer for either doctors to have in their office for patients or for patients to take to their doctors our VECTOR III® SPRING SYSTEM .pdf available with Adobe Reader.

Watch a presentation

If you would like to view a presentation given at one of our seminars you can view it right here. We have had to divide it into 2 parts, because the file was too large, but you will want to see more once you see Part 1. Once you have viewed this you will be saying what most of our patients say "THATS AMAZING". This is a very large file and will take a considerable amount of time to download. It will be worth the wait.

Class II Division II Part 1

Class II Division II Part 2