The patented “slide and grip” attachment affords ease of placement onto most commonly used conventional brackets. They simply slide behind the bracket wings. It is not necessary to tie into or remove the wire. The VECTOR III® Spacemakers™ interact with the primary arch wire and the appliances in a horizontal vector, moving the roots and the crowns for control. They are manufactured with an exclusive wire, VECTORLOY™, both in formulation and heat-treating. This gives the wire flex and force control, without brittleness.

VECTOR III® Spacemakers™ are used to make space for impacted teeth in an arch while moving the roots and crowns away from the impacted tooth. The patented “slide and grip” attachment  reduces the tendency of
anterior teeth to tip and move out of the anterior labial bone and further reduces the side effects of tipping, rotating etc.

When used in areas of impacted upper cuspids it tends to significantly improve their position prior to surgical intervention. The surgical procedure of making an attachment is enhanced and risk to adjacent teeth is further reduced.

                            Start picture                                          Progress at 1 month 17 days

The space has opened up enough to allow the central to erupt naturally without tipping the roots on the adjacent teeth. Notice how the VECTOR III® Spacemakers are adjusted at the top to be more comfortable for the patient and not impinge on the soft tissue. Now all you need to do is wait for the tooth to come in.


                                Start photo                                         Progress at 1 month 21 days

Making room for a bicuspid can take a great deal of time in using ordinary orthodontic methods. Using VECTOR III® Spacemakers makes this process not only faster and eaisier but there is very little discomfort for the patient. The teeth are translated not tipped and therefore VECTOR III® Spacemakers do not add any unwanted side effects. With proper adjustments the patient does not have any discomfort. If you should need to tip, torque or rotate one of the attached teeth that can also be done with the correct adjustments.

To see more you can view our booklet showing examples in .pdf format just click on SPACEMAKERS PDF