Duo-Tee® Springs

VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliances offer increased functional capabilities and decreased negative components resulting in simply the best quality treatment option for a removable esthetic appliance treatment option. The treatment further is very cost effective and time effective for both the patient and the doctor alike.

The advantages of VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring removable appliance technology is that it is user friendly with remarkable results and very high patient satisfaction. Here are some advantages.

A. It does not involve interproximal reduction or "stripping" of the teeth for use.

B. It does not involve the patient chewing on the appliance or appliances when swallowing, thus reducing the chances of altering the bite and negatively impacting the TMJ.

C. It does not involve extended treatment times, others are often up to 2 years or more.                              


      This patient treatment progress is 1 month & 4 days!


     This patient treatment progress is 1 month 15 days!

VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliances never require stripping teeth. The traditional Hawley type retainer uses the labial bow as a retention force. VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliances use the labial bow as the resistant limiting force. The Duo-Tee® Springs are used as the active moving force. They are a low rate, constant, light, continuous, optimal force system. These forces are compounded (via each spring) to achieve the vectors necessary to align the 6 anterior teeth and their roots.                                    



                       This was patient was treated in 10 Days! 

The crossbite on this patient took only 10 days to correct.



This is a patient treated with the VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliance with a bite-jump added to adjust a cross-bite. Functional problems that interfere with normal growth and development can be a prudent interceptive treatment indication. Structural problems have been historically addressed in the permanent dentition.


This is what a usual  VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliance looks like it can move the teeth to the desired position and can then be used as a retainer after treatment. If the teeth ever move due to relapse or lack of use it can then also be used to move the teeth back to the desired position.

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For the lab slip you can download it here. Please be advised that you will NOT get the results shown on this website without taking a seminar with VECTOR III® to learn how to use and adjust the appliance.

Our official VECTOR III® licensed and certified fabrication lab for the VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® and Duo-Tee® II removable appliances made with Vectorloy wire lab slip download here! Lab Slip

For adjustments follow our adjustment guide.pdf this will allow doctors to treat patients with the VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring appliances before taking the suggested VECTOR III® seminars (with CE Credit) for fixed and removable appliances. See Event & Seminars for future dates when available.

VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Removable Appliance  Program

Doctors Starting 1st order only Lab fee $160.00 plus Shipping & Handling includes; 

1. Free -  $110.00 Instrument kit;
                #139 bird beak, #70X optical, 110 Howe & a mosquito forcep.
 2. Free -  1 Clinical instruction flyer for making additional adjustments after initial pre-activation of appliance.
 3. Free -  4 Patient information flyers for waiting room.
 4. Free -  4 Lab slips.
 5. Free -  1 Handout “Patients Use and Care of Appliances” 
 6. Free -  1 Treatment indications of VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® springs pages from VECTOR III® texbook Vol. I & Vol. II (see website) spring adjustment and placement.
 7. Free -  1 DVD with clinical adjustments for the VECTOR III® Duo-Tee® Spring Appliance.      
NOTE* Additional Lab Slips and Patient Flyers can be downloaded from the website. The lab will also be sending lab slips and Use and Care  handouts with your appliances.