Classics Wires

Please take note that in the literature it states that it takes from 6.1 to 6.3 months for leveling of the curve of spee and the resultant opening of the vertical dimension. The variation is due to combinations of round vs. rectangular and square wires. Note that the progress times to level and open the bite with VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ is significantly faster. The reverse curve wire is not adjusted from start to the progress and produces the results shown with minimal discomfort for the patient.

VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ are manufactured with an exclusively formulated and heat-treated wire called VECTORLOY™. This exciting advancement gives orthodontists a wire with very good characteristics of flex and force control, without brittleness in one wire.
                                     LIKE HAVING ONE FISHING POLE WITH THE FLEX OF A
                                       FLY ROD AND THE STRENGTH OF A TROLLING ROD.
The net result of VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ patented functional design,
vertically and horizontally acting at the same time, and superior wire, high flex and adequate force, makes possible, significant reductions in active treatment times.


                           Start  picture closed vertical                                      Progress picture 2 months 2 days

1. "FLAT SERIES" when the vertical is 1/3 to 2/3 closed (horizontally acting).
2. "REVERSE CURVE SERIES” when the vertical is 2/3 to 3/3 closed (vertically and horizontally acting).

VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ are a new, easy way to use an old and tested concept, establish a normal pattern of an arch form at, a level at which it is to function.  Control the shape with sufficient elasticity to permit a considerable range of deflection.
The VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ series are pre-made and heat treated. They are made in 3 upper sizes and 3 lower sizes in FLAT and REVERSE CURVE configurations. They come in Minus Standard and Plus. This affords practical choices for an early or middle treatment "utility" wire. Use the Plus wire for a too narrow arch, a Minus wire for a too wide arch and the Standard wire is used when the correct arch shape is acheived.

These wires are best used with .018 brackets not .022.  The VECTOR III® CLASSICS WIRES™ system are used primarily as early, intermediate and pre-finish wires. If using VECTOR III® Interactive Spring system use them AFTER the 5-12 weeks the springs are on with the Nitinol wire.

Most doctors will be comfortable finishing their cases in their customary way. However VECTOR III® is now providing you with 2 new products to finish cases.  It is expected that this last finishing step in “detailing” will be minimal and fast. Bio\Analytic™ Mechanics results in less side effects during treatment thus less side effects to control and detail out to finish.

To see more examples of  progress cases done with Classics Wires just click on the Classics Wires.pdf .