H + 3-6-9 Slingties

VECTOR III® H+ 3-6-9 Slingties™ are great to use with either of the VECTOR III® 1st and 2nd Molar Wires. They can be used to bring the tooth TO the wire instead of trying to bring the wire to the tooth causing unwanted side effects.  This will reduce the "Teeter Totter" effect. VECTOR III® H+ 3-6-9 Slingties™ have the ability to stretch 3X their length providing a great deal of flexibility in use. They also tend to go back to the shape they had when put on unlike most elastomeric ties, which when taken off have taken on a square shape. They are esthetic and blend in very well with the stainless steel color of the braces. Very often it is not possible to tie in a bracket due to the position of  the tooth or the distance from the wire and VECTOR III® H+ 3-6-9 Slingties™ make it easy to Slingtie™ the tooth so it can be part of the beginning movement and you won't lose any time waiting for the other teeth to move out of the way. Also if a tooth has lost a bracket and moved lingually a Slingtie™ can bring it back into place quickly without having to wait for the next appointment to get re-bracketed and then retying it in. Another good use of VECTOR III® H+ 3-6-9 Slingties™ is to hold a group of teeth in position or move one tooth at a time as you might with power chain or other conventional methods.